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Frequently Asked Questions – CRNAs

Q: When will my completed continuing education credits (CEs) be reported to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA)?
A: Dannemiller reports to the AANA once a month. The report is sent to the AANA no later than the 5th working day of the month immediately following the reporting period (i.e. CEs completed in January will be reported no later than the 5th working day of February.)

Q: My CEs should have already been reported to the AANA. Why do they not show up on my transcripts?
A: It is possible that not enough time has elapsed for the AANA to post CEs that have been recently reported. Please allow one week for your AANA transcripts to be updated after Dannemiller report has been submitted. If more than one week has passed and your transcripts have not been updated, please contact Dannemiller at or (800) 328-2308. You may also contact the AANA directly at (847) 692-7050.

Q: Are my CEs reported to the AANA electronically?
A: Yes. The monthly report is sent via email, however the report must be processed by the AANA once received. For this reason, it may take up to a week for your transcripts to be updated.

Q: I am not a member of the AANA. Will Dannemiller still report my completed CEs to the AANA?
A: Yes, but you must also submit a copy of the certificate of completion you received for each activity to the AANA. Extra copies of your certificates can be printed from your AnesthesiologyOnline transcript page.

Q: How do I know if an activity on AnesthesiologyOnline is prior-approved for credit by the AANA?
A: Every activity on AnesthesiologyOnline is prior-approved for credit by the AANA. Approval information can always be found at the beginning of an activity. This information will include the AANA code number assigned to the activity, the number of CEs the activity is worth, and the date the activity will expire.

Q: Can Dannemiller send my credits to the AANA ahead of the usual reporting time?
A: Yes, during the months of June, July, and August. There is an expedite charge of $30 to generate and submit the report. Please contact Dannemiller at or (800) 328-2308.